Index Auditing

Accuracy in indexing is so important that many recording offices find it advisable to have the highly trained and impartial accuracy verification specialists at IQS validate their entries, whether for current indexing or for reindexing. Quite simply, independently performed accuracy verification can provide you with a large measure of relief from personal worry.


Index entries are prepared by fallible human beings; some errors are discovered almost immediately, others lurk unrealized for years. The potential unpleasantness that attends the discovery of indexing errors can in large measure be completely avoided by retaining IQS independent accuracy verification.


The Verification Process

1. We import your index data information to our validation software.

2. One of our skilled abstract clerks, working from your images of the original documents, enter the OR’s, EE’s, names, book and page to start the verification process.

3. Our validation software analyzes county information against our abstracted input.

4. Any discrepancies are examined by IQS.

5. A report is generated and sent to the County for further review and any necessary action.




Reindexing Services

The IQS reindexing service is performed by specially trained IQS operators who combine sophisticated data entry skills with broad knowledge and experience in records documents and their related recording and indexing requirements.


Before we begin any project, a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s current indexing conventions is conducted. This assessment yields information that helps optimize the accuracy and completeness of the reindexing service and consequently of the final index. It determines the standard usage of entering names, cross-indexing practices, handling of government departments, agencies, etc. This method allows for a more accurate and consistent index allowing quicker searches and greater public acceptance.


Eliminating such problems assures the customer of accurate, high-quality information for entry into the database and for use in compiling new indexes for the designated period of time.


The IQS reindexing service has been developed specifically to meet the indexing and verification needs of local government, providing the level of accuracy needed for proper recording and management of records. It is the premier reindexing service available.




On Demand Indexing

This is our premier turn key indexing service that eliminates the need to index documents in your office. Our full service indexing customers collect recording fees, scan the documents, and then transmit the images via FTP to our office on a daily basis. Our abstract specialists then index the documents based upon the customer’s indexing rules.


The Indexing Process

When a document is brought to your office, IQS’s software automatically calculates applicable fees. After you scan the document, it is immediately available to the public as an unverified image and is also sent to IQS to be indexed and verified.


A trained IQS specialist then indexes the document. The document is re-key verified, using the original images, by a second specialist. Finally, the data is run through software to ensure the results are accurate. This results in highly reliable data and in most cases takes less than a day.