Records Management



Solution Records Management Suite


Overhaul your office’s day-to-day operations with IQS's premier electronic system. All of IQS’s products and services can be integrated into Solution.


Solution Simplifies the Way You Work


Easily calculate fees and scan documents. When a document comes into the office, applicable fees are automatically calculated by Solution and a receipt is printed. The document is then scanned into the system. Documents can be scanned at any time, and can be routed to any particular user or group.


Enter Data Efficiently and Accurately


Data entry fields have auto-fill or dropdown lists to minimize keystrokes where appropriate. Repeated data can be carried over from one screen to another, from one document to another, or placed on a clipboard for convenience.


Have IQS Index and Verify


IQS can handle your indexing and/or verification needs with Full Service Indexing or Verification Services. Or, with our On Demand services, we can index or verify only when you need us.


Verify With Confidence


Solution includes a blind key verification module. When a document is indexed, it is keyed again from the original document. Once completed, Solution guides the user through a series of steps in which the two sets of indexed data are compared for accuracy and discrepancies are remedied. This increases the accuracy of your indexed data.


Run Versatile Reports


The software uses Crystal Reports to generate reports that can then be printed or exported to various formats including Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDFs. An unlimited number of reports may be defined and can be added or removed at any time. Simple user-defined filters allow any report to show the desired range or subset of data.


New York

• Receipt Summary Payment Type

• Distribution Report

• MT-4 Statement of Mortgages Recorded

• Real Estate Transfer Tax Summary

• State Mortgage Tax Semi-Annual Report



• Distribution Report

• Monthly Disbursement

• Recorder of Deeds Monthly Report

• State Taxes Summary

• Transfer Taxes (all)

• Transfer Taxes (detail)


New Jersey

• Monthly Certification of Realty Transfer Fee Collections

• Counter Control

• Distribution Report

• Count of Fee Listing

• Realty Transfer Fees



• Absentee Ballots

• Distribution Report

• Complete Listing of Dog Accounts

• Transactions Grouped by Item Accounts


Bring Public Records to the Public


Solution can be put on public terminals and even on the Internet for public access from any computer. Additionally, public terminals can be “locked down” so other applications, desktop items, and keyboard shortcuts cannot be used.


Secure Your Data


Solution was built with security as a priority so data is safe and secure at all times. The system requires a username and password for access and an administrator can easily control user access to screens and/or certain functions on a screen. Users can be given various access levels for tasks such as indexing, scanning, and searching. Accessing sealed records requires additional security credentials, and any modifications to data are recorded in extensive audit logs.


Reap the Benefits of a Stable, Supported Program


IQS is constantly improving on Solution and provides dedicated support when you need it. Over 50 municipalities have enjoyed the beenfits of our enterprise electronic records management suite.



E-Film Reader

Bring your microfilm archive into the digital age, affordably


Leave the maintenance costs and the worry of having ripped or degraded microfilm behind. With E-Film Reader, your microfilm reader is replaced by your computer. All of your microfilm is available on the network and is accessible to everyone at the same time—no more sharing a roll of film!


IQS will meticulously process your film in our state-of-the-art facility, preserving the original integrity of the documents.




  • Digitize archives in a cost-effective way
  • Eliminate the need for microfilm readers, printers, and associated operating costs
  • Save valuable space
  • Allow multiple searchers to view the same roll at the same time
  • Print a selection or range of frames with advanced printing options
  • Access records in-office and online



Infodex Index Book Automation

Get the benefits of electronic records management without the expense of reindexing


Infodex is an innovative approach to automating manual indexes, allowing documents to be easily looked up and retrieved. IQS has developed algorithms to digitize traditional key tables, making records accessible through a simple name search.




  • Eliminate the need to handle books, reducing wear and tear
  • Free up valuable space
  • Improve staff productivity, as records can be looked up from their desk
  • Allow multiple searchers to view the same book at the same time
  • Records can be viewed in-office and online, if desired


In Action


The Warren County, NY Clerk’s Office worked with IQS to digitize historical records dating back to 1813. In the County Clerk’s Office, the Infodex software integrates seamlessly with Solution, IQS’s premier records management suite. The public can access records online at any time.