Records Management Specialists

We make local government more efficient, accessible, and cost-effective. 

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20+ Years of Innovation

Since 1999, our mission has been to provide excellent service and superior products.

Our business is government records

That singular focus has allowed us to create industry-leading solutions backed by exceptional customer support.

Proven Track Record

  • 350+ applications
  • Local governments across New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maine, Connecticut, and Rhode Island
  • Tailored products
“Without the knowledgeable people of IQS working with us, we couldn’t have come so far, so fast.”

“IQS not only has the capabilities and intimate understanding of my office, but also shares my vision for my future office.”

“When IQS makes a commitment, you know it will be done.”

“IQS demonstrates what I feel is most important: the knowledge base of the vendor and ongoing service after the sale.”