Indexing and Verification

Accurate results backed by knowledge and experience



Full-Service Indexing

Our premier turn key indexing service eliminates the need to index documents in your office. Our full-service indexing customers collect recording fees and scan documents. Then, our abstract specialists index it based on the customer’s indexing rules.

The Indexing Process

1. Documents scanned in office and made available as unverified images

2. A trained IQS specialist indexes the document

3. The document is re-key verified by a second specialist

4. The data is run through software to ensure the results are accurate


Index Verification

The highly trained and impartial accuracy verification specialists at IQS are able to validate entries for current indexing or reindexing projects.


Reindexing Services

We combine sophisticated data entry skills with knowledge and experience in indexing requirements. 


On-Demand Services

We can assist during peak recording times when indexing may fall behind, or if an office is short staffed due to illness, power outages, or other issues.

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